Using the power of positive momentum



Every second day of the new year, the gym fills with highly motivated individuals, but as January is nearing its end, I see the gym becoming quieter and quieter. Hopes and dreams shattered, well-intended effort put into the ground. I feel joy for the extra space it provides me and my clients, no more cringing over another awfull squat attempt. I feel sadness for another wave of new year’s resolutioners that didn’t make the cut.


Why does this weird phenomenon occur? Why do all these highly motivated people, eager to become better, drop out before the month is over? One of the reasons I believe is the power of positive momentum or rather the lack of it..

You have decided to do something about yourself and you expect to see results, fast! Only you don’t know how to get these results, which diet to follow, what to believe? How to train? Which machines to use!? Soon you find yourself in treadmill purgatory, painfully long mind numbing minutes peddling away on the exercise bike? That little voice in your head starts screaming louder and louder “What the heck am I doing here”!? So without further philosophical introduction, how to avoid treadmill purgatory, carry your motivation into spring and finally achieve that summer body you have dreamed of.