The Power of ONE: Transforming Lives and Inspiring Change

In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, Glenn, the founder of ONE – Human Performance Institute, believes in the transformative power of one individual. His journey from personal struggles to creating a fitness philosophy that extends beyond the gym is an inspiring testament to the impact each person can have on their own life and the world around them. We want you to learn more about ONE´s foundation, our history and how this has lead to the opening of one more gym.


Embracing the Power of Choice:


As we proudly open the doors of our third gym, Glenn wants you and the world to know that positive change starts with a single decision – the decision to take control. By actively pursuing health, resilience, and self-love, individuals become beacons of inspiration for others. Through discipline, respect for oneself, and the commitment to personal growth, they showcase what is possible to their families, friends, and colleagues.


What sets this philosophy apart is its recognition of the ripple effect – the idea that positive actions can influence people three degrees removed from us. Our trainers urges their clients to embrace this power, to become catalysts for change, because when one person takes action, they have the potential to transform not only their life but also the lives of those around them.



The Tipping Point We Face:

Glenn acknowledges the challenges the world faces, whether it be environmental threats or the toll on mental and physical health. However, instead of blaming external factors, he encourages individuals to focus on what they can control – their own actions. It is a call to arms against the prevailing negativity, urging everyone to be proactive in creating a better world.


If this resonates with you, you can start by actively choosing to become better, healthier and stronger. With our help, this can be done easier than you may think. Just click here!


What ‘ONE’ Means for Glenn:


Drawing inspiration from a Native American Church ceremony, Glenn introduces the concept of ‘ONE.’ The essence of ‘ONE’ lies in a collective effort to uplift each other. Glenn shares a powerful moment from the ceremony where a few individuals decided to show up and transform the energy in the room. This spirit of unity and collective effort is at the core of ONE.


You can listen to what a night at a Native American Church taught Glenn by clicking here.


His Fitness Journey: From Struggle to Triumph


Glenn’s personal fitness journey serves as a poignant example of the transformative power of self-discipline and self-love. From a troubled past, he found solace in the gym, learning invaluable life lessons. The gym became his sanctuary, teaching him that the iron doesn’t lie, and in facing its challenges, he discovered the strength within himself.


ONE – More Than a Gym


ONE is not just a fitness center; it’s a community and a way of life. It’s about finding the delicate balance between discipline and fun, growth and self-love. Dr. Sylvia Earle’s words echo through the philosophy of ONE – positive change starts with one individual. The gyms under ONE aim to be places where people can work on themselves, discovering their strength, purpose, joy, and camaraderie.



Glenn challenges everyone to be the change they wish to see, from our trainers to clients. Whether it’s through fitness, self-improvement, or collective effort, each person can make a difference. ONE is there for those who believe they can, echoing the empowering mantra – I Can, You Can, We Can.


As we open a third gym in Amsterdam, ONE – Human Performance Institute stands as a beacon of hope and transformation, inviting individuals to join the movement towards positive change. Read more about us and what we believe in here. It’s time to embrace the power of ONE.