Meet the Trainers: Grahame – The Heart and Soul of ONE 3, Your Go-To Personal Trainer in Amsterdam

Welcome to ONE – Human Performance Institute, where our trainers aren’t just staff members; they’re key figures who embody our core ethos and philosophy. Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight Grahame, a beacon of dedication and spirit, now proudly serving as the manager at ONE 3. Grahame’s journey is a mirror to our commitment at ONE – the leading destination for personal training in Amsterdam – to not just transform bodies, but lives, both within and beyond the walls of our gym.


Transforming Lives with Passion and Expertise

Grahame’s story began with a clear mission: to be more than just a personal trainer in Amsterdam, but a life-changer. His profound desire to enhance people’s habits outside the gym highlights his dedication to the collective well-being of our community. This mission is perfectly in sync with ONE’s philosophy, where shaping lifestyles stands as our ultimate goal.


A Personal Trainer in Amsterdam Like No Other

What sets Grahame apart in the bustling world of personal training in Amsterdam? It’s his unique blend of empathy and an insatiable hunger to help others reach their goals. This rare combination makes him an invaluable gem in our team. Grahame ensures that each individual he trains feels understood, supported, and relentlessly motivated. Discover the inspiring story behind why Grahame chose to become a leading personal trainer in Amsterdam by clicking here.


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Beyond Training: A Man of Depth and Wisdom

Grahame’s interests in poetry and stoicism might come as a surprise to those who know him solely as a personal trainer. These passions reflect his contemplative nature and his quest for wisdom, balance, and the appreciation of life’s subtler beauties. It’s a powerful reminder of the diverse personalities and rich backgrounds that our trainers at ONE – Human Performance Institute, your premier personal training destination in Amsterdam, bring to the table.


Dive into Grahame’s World:

Let’s get up close and personal with Grahame through five intriguing questions, offering a glimpse into the man who has become a cornerstone of our personal training community in Amsterdam:


  1. What mantra inspires you? “Don’t talk on what a good man should be, just be one. – Marcus Aurelius.”
  2. After a long day of training, what’s your guilty pleasure? “Easy. A double bacon cheeseburger.”
  3. How do you unwind and recharge? “Recently got into reading.”
  4. If you could train anyone, who would it be? “Michael Jordan, for his unmatched dedication; he will do whatever I ask him to 😂”
  5. A surprising hobby? “Poetry and stoicism.”
  6. If you were a workout move, which one would best describe your personality and why? “Olympic snatch – because not everybody understands it but when they do, they like it.”


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Grahame’s narrative is the essence of what we stand for at ONE – Human Performance Institute. His unparalleled dedication, expertise, and personal philosophy elevate him beyond the realm of a typical personal trainer in Amsterdam, making him a transformative figure in the lives of those he encounters. We are beyond proud to have Grahame leading the charge at ONE 3, where his daily mission is to inspire, challenge, and revolutionize lives.


Join us at ONE – Human Performance Institute, and experience the difference with Amsterdam’s finest personal trainers. Let Grahame and our team guide you on a transformative journey to a better, healthier you.