Introducing “Stronger Humans, Better World”: Our Commitment to Community Transformation

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At ONE – Human Performance Institute, we believe that personal transformation can ripple out to make the world a better place. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our charity campaign, “Stronger Humans, Better World.” This initiative is designed not just to celebrate the fitness achievements of our clients but to harness them as a force for communal good in the city of Amsterdam.


Why We Are Starting This Charity Campaign

“Stronger Humans, Better World” is born from a simple yet powerful idea: what if every kilogram lost and every challenge overcome could contribute to something bigger than ourselves? We’ve always been inspired by the dedication and commitment of our tribe members. Seeing your hard work and progress, we felt a compelling need to extend the impact of these achievements. This program is our way of saying that when you grow stronger, the community grows stronger too.



Charity events in Amsterdam

How It Works

Here’s how we’re turning our client´s fitness milestones into communal victories:

  1. Point System: For every kilo you lose and for every challenge you win at ONE, you earn points—1 point per kilo and a tiered system for challenge achievements (10 points for first place, 5 for second, etc.).
  2. Tracking Progress: We track all kilos lost and challenge scores across all our locations, compiling a leaderboard of top achievers.
  3. Making a Difference: Every 111 points collected will sponsor one person in need—a person who can greatly benefit from but might not afford personal training—for a transformative 12-week training program at ONE.


What You Can Expect as a member of ONE

Here’s what you can dive into with our new charity campaign:

  • Personal and Communal Goals: Push yourself in new challenges and workouts, knowing that your personal milestones have broader implications.
  • Engagement: Participate in regular updates, leaderboards, and stories about how your efforts are making a difference.
  • Community Nominations: Have a say in who benefits from the community fund by nominating deserving individuals who need support in their transformation journey.


Looking Ahead

“Stronger Humans, Better World” isn’t just about fitness; it’s about empowerment and impact. By linking personal goals with charitable giving, we’re not only fostering a healthier community but also building a supportive and interconnected tribe.


We are incredibly excited to see how each of you will contribute to this new chapter. Your sweat and hard work are about to become your superpower, one that extends well beyond the gym. Let’s lift each other up and create a ripple effect of positive change.


Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s make our world a better place, together!