Discover Holistic Wellness at ONE Human Performance Institute, Your Premier Gym in Amsterdam

At ONE Human Performance Institute, we’re not just focused on exercise; we’re dedicated to a complete, holistic approach to wellness. This is why we’ve introduced our monthly workshops, starting every 1st of the month, aimed at revolutionizing your relationship with food and fitness. These sessions are designed to enhance your fitness knowledge, teach you how to nourish your body optimally, and build a supportive community of health enthusiasts in Amsterdam.


Workshops Recap:


Workshop 1: Understanding Our Bodies with Nutrition


Our first workshop, guided by Glenn, laid the groundwork for a deep understanding of how our bodies process nutrients. Instead of just discussing what to eat, we focused on how to make our bodies efficient at using food as powerful fuel. This session offered a comprehensive look into nutritional science, prompting our clients to adopt a broader, more compassionate approach to eating and health. It was an enlightening exploration of the connection between diet and bodily functions, empowering everyone with knowledge to make smarter dietary choices.

Workshop 2: Reframing Convenience: Quality Over Quantity


In our most recent session, led by community member Wayne, we continued to build on our nutritional foundation. Wayne shared his approach to simplifying his eating habits, emphasizing the importance of using high-quality ingredients and cooking methods that maximize nutritional value without wasting resources. He shared tips like repurposing chicken bones for rich, homemade broth or using a Parmesan rind to elevate the flavor of soups and sauces. These strategies not only enhance the nutritional impact of our meals but also support sustainability.


During the workshop, we emphasized the significance of mindful eating—savoring our food and appreciating the process of meal preparation. Strategic meal planning, supporting local markets, and choosing seasonal products are key practices we discussed to cultivate a healthier lifestyle.



After Wayne´s intervention, coach Matt tackled prevalent food myths and dietary misconceptions, providing clear, factual information to help navigate the often confusing advice surrounding nutrition.


The highlight was Wayne preparing a delicious chicken and sharing his 20-hour slow-cooked bone broth, creating a moment of unity and learning at ONE!


What’s Next? 


Our workshop series will continue with more practical advice on maintaining a balanced diet, even during the busiest times. Expect to learn hands-on cooking techniques, discover flavorful yet nutritious meal plans, and pick up strategies to keep up with your dietary goals no matter your schedule.


Our workshops are more than just educational—they’re experiential and communal. They’re an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who are all striving towards better health. Whether you’re just beginning your wellness journey or you’re well on your path, our workshops are here to inspire and support you.


Join us at ONE Human Performance Institute in Amsterdam to transform the way you think about food, from mere sustenance to a vital source of joy and vitality. Stay tuned for details on our next session and get ready to be inspired.


We’re not just changing diets at ONE; we’re changing lives. Join this health and wellness revolution today.