What We Do

One-On-One Training.  Feel stronger, healthier and achieve life changing results under the personal guidance and support of one of our world class coaches. 
Train As One Train As One

Train As One

We have developed a training method that allows you to build strength, increase energy and lose weight faster in a fun and sustainable way.

Live Circular Live Circular

Live Circular

Learn how to live a sustainable lifestyle that will make you feel younger, improves energy and optimizes the health of your body and our planet.

Optimize Health Optimize Health

Optimize Health

We use cutting edge technology like the PNOË Metabolic analyzer, Blood pressure and Heart Rate Variability to assess your current health status.

Neuro Optimization Neuro Optimization

Neuro Optimization

Neuro-hacking will be the next big thing for high achievers. We use training, diet and supplement strategies to improve cognitive performance, drive and motivation.

Grow The Community Grow The Community

Grow The Community

Everytime you train, lose weight or challenge yourself we will donate €1 to the ONE - Foundation with the goal to strengthen the generations of tomorrow!

Our Trainers

Glenn - Founder / Head Coach
Duco - Coach / Biomechanics specialist
Nicolas - Coach / Exercise Physiologist

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If you want someone who will truly help you achieve your health goals, Is empathetic and knowledgeable and takes a holistic view of how to get you there, start here.

- Seth

ONE has really shown me how this type of exercise is so beneficial for your body shape. Alongside the nutrition advice and coaching, I've now finally lost most of the weight gained during pregnancy. Highly highly recommended.

- Katie

I am extremely happy with the results which I am seeing every other week. From couch to great defined body. Thanks to ONE!

- Ali

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